An Experience for the Very Young

A performance about change, flight, and growth, Breath transports you and your baby to another world. Breath is a nurturing sensory experience for pre-crawling babies and their caregivers inspired by stories of airplanes. Join us for this one-of-a-kind performance made to be a shared artistic experience for you and your baby. “Wonderful and full of wonder…” this performance is calming, serene and 30 minutes in length. 

"Breath is wonderful and full of wonder..." -Audience Member


We were in a course at Arizona State University on devising with Michael Rohd. We were given the prompt, find a newspaper article and create a five minute scene inspired by it. The article that we found was titled Baby Born on International Flight. It was a beautiful and heartwarming story about a woman who went into early labor while traveling oversees to visit her family. The pilots weren’t in a position where they could safely perform an emergency landing, so the people of the plane all came together to bring this baby into the world. Throughout this article, they really focus on expected players in the story; the mother, the pilot, the podiatrist who knew a bit about birthing babies… but what surprised us was that there was actually not a lot of mention about who we considered the most important player: the baby! We knew the birth was successful, but our minds were filled with thoughts and possibilities! 

That one performance in class wasn’t enough for us. We were filled with this drive to make the show longer. We applied to be Resident Artists with the Barn Arts Collective in Bass Harbor, Maine… and we got it! This last September, we packed our bags and headed to Maine, where we spent a week in a barn and immersing ourselves in the community to devise a 30-minute long experience for babies and their caregivers.

Upcoming Performances

November 10th:

Breath was recently a featured performance in Tucson's Natural Birth and Baby Festival.


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